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Murder in the Choir Room

Check out chapter one of my new story called Murder in the Choir room.

Megan O'Reilley thought her new job working for the somewhat famous, almost washed-up B-movie actor now choir director, Geoffrey Greenwalt would garner her some much needed inspiration for her stories while also stretching her vocal talents. But little did she know that being in a church choir could lead to murder!

Check out the chapter over at my Edge of Danger Blog.

Quentin Forsythe calls in Ethan and Kevin to discuss Michela and the effects of the Nightingale programming from years earlier. He sends them to meet his contact in the Legacy... Alison Corday!

Alison Corday watches Ethan and Kevin and deals with their stubborn tail... Bette!

Mila Ferguson overhears the conversation between Ethan, Kevin and Alison at the London Tea Room.


Cloak & Dagger - Episode 5

Faith, Fouts and Fergus set their sights on entering the Knights Foundation Manor, but with Liz guarding the director of the KF, they don't know what to expect.


Shattered-The Trust - Episode 6

Shattered-The Trust
Episode 6: Breakout

- Hank petitions the director of Alpha Site to assist in the retrieval of Jenna West.

- Jenna and Phoenix make a break for it as the Echelon zombie killers come after them.

Check out the next episode of Shattered-The Trust over at my blog...

Spooky SG-1 Story

"Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

Col. Jack O'Neill looked around the new planet they'd just stepped onto. The gate opened into the middle of town, positioned in a wall like an elaborate decoration. The streets were lined with cobblestones. It looked eerily like turn-of-the-century England. Daniel Jackson was in awe of the dark gloomy fog and gas lights dotting the street.

"It's almost an exact replica of Victorian England," Daniel said. "Fascinating."

It was night and no one seemed to be roaming the streets. the team could see people peeking at them from behind closed curtains. As they walked under a large stone archway, a blue beam scanned them. SG-1 flinched in surprise. The beam had not only taken their weapons, it had changed their clothing to fit the period of Victorian England.

"I hate when that happens," Jack said swatting the air.

"Sir, my weapon is gone," Sam Carter said fingering the material of the Victorian dress she suddenly found herself in.

"Mine too." Jack and Daniel nearly spoke in unison.

"Mine as well." Teal'c appeared uneasy. Something on this planet was affecting him. It wasn't something Teal'c was used to feeling.

"What kind of technology an not only change our clothes but disarm us?" Jack shifted uneasily in the dark suit and ascot.

"I have not heard of such a technology," Teal'c said.

Daniel wore a brown suit and top hair. He fingered the watch attached to a gold chain. "It's the accessories that make all the difference," he mumbled.

Samantha scanned the buildings and cobblestone street. She felt the surfaces. "Sir, this may look like Victorian England but this is made of metal not stone. It's almost like the town is a facade hiding what's truly underneath."

"What species would want to do such a thing?" Teal'c asked.

"Someone who doesn't want to be found," Daniel said.

"Or someone looking to disarm enemies without  confronting them," Jack said. "I'm getting that bad feeling all around. We should head back."

"Without the GDO, that won't be possible, sir. We need to find our things before we can leave here."

"Wonderful." Jack heaved a heavy sigh.

The team searched the city. It was set up like an elaborate maze of alleyways and streets leading to dead ends. There was no way they could discover every nook and cranny in the city.

Only one house seemed to have any activity. It was near the gate. The four of them met back near the town square.

"I hate to say it, but even as much as I love history, this place is giving me the creeps," Daniel said.

"Ditto that," Jack said. "All I want is to find the GDO and get the heck out of London."

A loud growling came from the shadows. The gas lights didn't give much illumination but the sound was coming toward them at a good clip.

"Take cover," Jack yelled just as the monster leaped from the shadows atop him.

"This way," yelled a woman from a nearby building. She was holding a gun-like device that looked about as old as the city. None of them wanted to be in the vicinity of the monster when she shot it.

The monster clawed at Jack, cutting him on the chest and torso. Teal'c grabbed a nearby bench and pummeled the beast with it. He momentarily released Jack giving him time to escape.

As they moved toward the building, the woman shot the monster with an unusual weapon none of them had ever seen before.

"That is not human," Jack mumbled as he fell onto a nearby chair. The motion was painful but not as painful as the cuts the beast had given him.

The woman closed and bolted the door. "No, it's not. We call them abnormals."

The woman had long dark hair and wore an outfit similar to what Carter was wearing. Not to mention, she looked like she could be Carter's twin.

"Is that why you have all this fancy technology? To keep away from abnormals?" Jack asked as the woman tended his wounds.

"I'm not sure what you mean. We've had to baracade ourselves in here. It seems the citizens of this village abandoned it long ago."

"We?" Daniel asked curiously."

"Me and my companion, James Watson. I'm Doctor Helen Magnus." The woman wrapped Jack tightly in gauze and he winced in pain.

"If the villagers abandoned the town, how did you come to be here?" Teal'c enquired.

"Actually, we walked through a strange portal and then a magical mirror. It was all quite fantastic."

"Fantastic indeed. This technology is well beyond my understanding of the universe," James Watson said. He sauntered in the room looking like a dapper gentleman from ages past.

"I can see why If you're from Victorian England," Carter said. "This technology is even more advanced than anything we've come across before."

"You are from the future, I ascertain?" James asked.

"Technically, not from your future, if you did indeed walk through the mirror I think you did," Carter said.

"Ah, I see. A parallel world then? Fascinating. I've often wondered at such theories."

Daniel peered at the man's demeanor and watched him as he spoke. And he couldn't help but ask the question. "You wouldn't happen to be the inspiration for Sherlock Holmes, would you?"

"Daniel!" Jack said. "We don't have time for your literary crap. We need to get off this planet and back to ours."

Daniel bowed his head and shrugged at Sam. "Sorry, just curious."

"Arthur Doyle has this rapt fascination with the way I come to conclusions. He finds endless fascination by observing me," James said. "If he used me as one of his characters, I wouldn't be surprised."

While Helen still attended to Jack's wounds, she asked James to take the rest of them team back to where they'd discovered their weapons.

"If I might ask, why did you come through the magic mirror, if you didn't know where it would take you?" Carter asked James.

"Life is an endless adventure. It is our job to explore all its facets," he said.

Their gathered their gear and Carter explained how to use the mirror device and gave them the coordinates back to earth. She had heard about Helen Magnus once back in college. When they returned to the other room, she asked Helen about it.

"I read an article you wrote once, but you couldn't be the same woman. You're too young."

"Stranger things have happened in life, don't you think?" Helen said. "What was the paper on?"

"From what I recall, something about saving species we don't understand and protecting them from the outside world. Sanctuary For All, I believed you called it."

"Sanctuary," she said with a smile. "Sounds like a woman after my own heart."

"Not to interrupt girl talk, but did you find the GDO?" Jack asked. "I'm thinking a long stint in the infirmary is in my immediate future."

"Yes, sir. We found everything. We can return home," Carter said.

"Yippie doo-dah. Let's go!"

"Be careful out there. Jack can be dangerous, as you can tell."

"I'm dangerous?" Jack asked.

"No, I mean the monster. Back in our time we called him Jack the Ripper," Helen said.

Before Carter could question her longer, she and James were on the other side of the mirror waving their goodbyes.

"Did she say, Jack the Ripper?" Daniel asked.

40 Icons - Faces of Jack O'Neill

Check out my 40 Icons - The Faces of Jack O'Neill over at imgr.com


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FIC - A Haunting Birthday

A Haunting Birthday
a Castle fan fic
by hollymac_79 and leg_alphasite

“So it’s all settled then. Not a word of this to Beckett”

Richard Castle was more animated than usual, which, of course, would give him away the second Beckett walked in the room. Esposito purposely spoke in a stage whisper to tone down Castle's antics.

“Bro, I don’t know if this is such a good idea. Beckett’s not so big on birthdays.”

Kevin Ryan slid up beside them both on his office chair. It squeaked and he looked around like a guy who had been out all night without his fiancee.

“Surprises, yep, not good... unless it’s a surprise lead on a case.”

"Come on! Beckett never does anything for herself," Castle pointed out. “It will be fun. Quietly start spreading the word. It’ll be at the Old Haunt. Casual dress.”

Ryan and Esposito looked at each other and rolled their eyes when they saw the expression of excitement on Castle’s face. They both knew this surprise birthday party was going to happen no matter what.

“And exactly how are you going to get Beckett to the Old Haunt?” Esposito asked.

“Leave that to me," Castle said. "When you get a list of guests started, text me. Don’t forget Beckett’s dad.” As he started to walk off he veered straight into Beckett. He jumped back as if burned.

"Beckett!" Castle exclaimed a little too loudly.

“What are you boys up to?” she asked eyeing them all suspiciously.

“N-nothing. Just catching up on our weekends.” stuttered Ryan

“And I was just going to go on a coffee run. Get you your usual?”

“Yeah..., thanks."

Beckett spoke slowly as she gave Ryan and Esposito a critical look. She could sense that something was up. Once Castle was in the elevator she approached Ryan and Esposito both hands planted firmly on her hips.

“All right, what were the three of you up to? So help me if it’s a bet on another case....”

“Oh, no, man. Honestely, we were shooting the breeze about our weekend plans. You know... guy talk.” said Esposito jumping in before Ryan had a chance to blow their cover.

Beckett seemed to accept their answers moving to her seat and back to the stack of folders on her desk. But she never kept them both far from her peripheral vision.


"Wow. That was a close one." said Esposito as he pulled Ryan into the kitchen . They both watched as Beckett walked into the chief's office and closed the door. So, the two felt safe talking openly about their plans.

"Dude, keeping secrets from Beckett is too stressful." Ryan's expressive yes told of the pressure he was under. "You know how these things always turn out."

Esposito nodded. "I know. I know. We're going to be so busted."

"She always finds out one way or another."

There was a millisecond of silence between the two before Beckett leaned her head into the kitchen startling both Esposito and Ryan. They looked visibly shaken.

"Come on, guys, We've got a case."

Ryan flinched at the sudden sound of her voice and Esposito gave him a pointed glare.

"What about Castle?" Ryan asked attempting to hide the catch in his voice.

"I'll call him on the way. Let's go!"


Martha Rodgers stood behind the bar at the Old Haunt mixing a tray full of drinks. She shook ice into a metal container, threw a bottle into the air, it twisted and landed expertly in her palm. Alexis goggled at the sight of her grandmother acting like an experienced bartender. Martha put on show for the teen. She couldn't help herself. Overacting was part of her wheelhouse.

Alexis's eyes grew wide. "I didn't know you could do that."

Castle walked up behind his daughter and kissed her hair. "Who do you think taught Tom Cruise how to do it for the movie 'Cocktail'?"


"What can I say? I'm multi-talented. It's one of the qualities that make me such a bankable actress, you know." She turned to her son. "The drinks and finger foods are all in order and the caterer will be here within the hour."

"Great!" Castle pulled the cell phone from his pocket and dialed Esposito. "Shotgun this is Writer One. What's your status?"

Alexis and Martha could hear the conversation since Castle had his phone in speaker mode.

"Can't really talk now, dude. Call you later." Esposito's voice was hushed and whispery, as if he was keeping secrets from someone on his end. The call ended quickly.

"Darling, must you go through this cloak and dagger nonsense? It's a birthday party not a cold war epic," Martha said.

"You know how Beckett is. She never wants to do anything for herself. I want to make this birthday special."

Something off to the front of the bar drew Alexis's attention and she wandered in that direction.

Martha shook her head. "You really are head over heels for her, aren't you?"

"Alexis?" Castle said sheepishly fully knowing who his mother meant.

"No, darling. Beckett."

"I don't know what you mean. We're just friends. She has a boyfriend." Castle's strained voice gave away his emotions.

"Just because she has a boyfriend doesn't mean he's the right man for her," Martha pointed out.

Alexis suddenly ran back into the room. "Dad! Someone's coming!"


"Who is it?" Castle asked.

"No one I want to meet," Alexis said running to hide behind her father.

The group that sauntered in was made up of different genders and ethnicities. Most were covered in tattoos making their body look like physical surgeon general warnings that said 'danger contents could explode at any time.'

"We don't want trouble," Castle stammered, his eyes wide with fear.

"Neither do we," said the lead ruffian.

"What do you want?" Alexis asked.

The lead man turned around and pointed to the back of the group. "The lady has something to say."

"Lady?" Castle's voice broke.

Out from behind the group of rough looking thugs walked Beckett wearing skinny jeans and a biker jacket. She looked every bit the hoodlum. Her face was a menacing contrast of beauty and grit. She even growled as she poked Castle in the chest.

"You are busted!"

"What? I was..." Castle was at a loss for words but quickly recovered. "Wait. I was just trying to do something nice for your birthday," he said.

"What happened to Esposito and Ryan?" Martha asked.

The group of ruffians parted and sitting on the floor in the center of them was Esposito and Ryan hogtied with rope and gagged with handkerchiefs. Each glared at Castle with looks that promised death as soon as they were untied.

"OH, MY! You're not going to do that to us, are you?" Martha asked melodramatically.

"It depends," said the lead thug. "You got enough refreshments for all of us?"

Martha brightened instantly. "Certainly. The caterers won't be here for another hour but we can make use of the finger foods."

Beckett came up beside Castle and nudged him with her shoulder.

"I really am sorry, Beckett," Castle said softly.

"I know."

"Will Esposito and Ryan ever forgive me?"

Beckett chuckled. "Let's just say you'll have to do a lot more groveling than usual. And with all your free time you can think about why it's never a good thing to go behind my back."

Castle nodded, hanging his head. But quickly his mood brightened. "Are you at least going to stay for the party? We have cake!"


In the end Beckett would forgive them all. Not many people would go to so much trouble to make their friends happy. But there was something about birthdays that they really didn't understand. They truly effected her in a profound way. Maybe it had something to do with her mother dying before her time cutting her birthdays short. Birthdays always seemed to remind her of the fragility of life and how things could be taken away from anyone without notice.

Her mouth edged into a haunted smile as she watched the undercover crew from the 11th Precinct untie Esposito and Ryan shoving drinks into their hands.

Birthdays would always haunt Beckett, but good friends were never far away.

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Castleland Challenge- Squared











Interested in the television show Castle?
Then you will want to join this community.

Do challenges against other Castle fans.
Create wallpapers, icons, tag banners, make videos, any number of challenges like crosswords, circle a word, puzzles. It's all fun and all great to be a part of.

You will be on one of four teams:

Team Castle
Team Beckett
Team Esposito
Team Ryan

Join us and ask for Team Beckett.
Don't forget to mention you heard about it from leg_alphasite !